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Orange Juice 1978-85
Scotland's finest. Led by Edwyn Collins, OJ created the blueprint that set the tone of the UK indie sound for the first half of the Eighties.
The Hinnies 1990-93
Underrated indie rock band with psychedelic leanings.
Jane From Occupied Europe 1988-91
West Country psyche-fuzz-drone-space rock.
The Suncharms 1990-93
Shoegazing indie band from Sheffield.
Sweet Jesus 1990-92
West Midlands glam indie band. Also includes discographies for spin-off bands Venus and Groupie.
Tiger 1995-98
Shouty, thrashy New Wave influenced indie band.
The Rainkings 1989-97
Manchester band featuring ex-members of the Inspiral Carpets and the Bodines.
Thrilled Skinny 1987-93
Punk popsters from Luton.
King Of The Slums 1986-91
Fantastic Manchester band with gritty urban tales and a demon violinist.
Ludicrous Lollipops 1987-93
Coventry based ska-punk-popsters.
The Bodines 1984-90
Jangly indie pop from these early Creation Records stars. Also featured are Medalark 11.
The Edsel Auctioneer 1988-95
Grungey Leeds indie rockers.
Resque 1989-92
Good, old-fashioned pop from this Reading group.
My Jealous God 1989-92?
London-based baggy groovers.
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Historical entries only.

With the exception of Orange Juice (and possibly Tiger), none of the bands on this site were particularly well known. History is littered with groups who dazzled a few while the many remained unaware. This site rescues them from obscurity and tells their story. Each band was personally memorable and in a kinder world would have enjoyed more success - gone they may be, but forgotten? Most definitely not. As for Orange Juice, the absence of a decent discography on the internet at the time led me to make one myself. Thanks to the following people for their help.
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The Bachelor Pad
The Groove Farm
Lavender Faction
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