Dave Simons - vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mark Lyons - guitar, vocals
Roger Wells - bass, vocals
Wez - drums
FAB! International Resque were formed in Reading in 1989. They dropped the 'International' prefix sometime after the release of their second single, 'So Way Down'. Unashamedly a pop band with no particular affection or affinity for 'indie' or independent labels, Resque played Sixties-influenced tunes your milkman could whistle. They toured as the support to their mates Carter USM a couple of times, which widened their exposure to the record-buying public. If you saw them, get in touch and share your memories.
Resque's debut album, 'Life's a Bonus', came out in 1991. A Sixties influence was evident on several numbers, such as 'My Big Ambition' and 'She Drives My Train', but was most obviously on display on the perky 'Jump Back', which sparkled in a way reminiscent of 'Help!' era Fab Four. Elsewhere, it has to be said that they sounded like the Wonder Stuff on occasions ('Inside' being a good example), but the album was sprinkled with the kind of tunes that suggested that the band recorded them with smiles on their faces. Such is the fickle world of pop and the music press, if they'd emerged a couple of years later they would have probably been accepted as members of the poppy branch of Britpop (cf Cast, for example). But back in 1991, they just didn't seem to fit in and suffered accordingly. Resque broke up sometime in 1992, presumably due to the absence of an acceptable record deal once their two-single, one-album contract with Musidisc expired.
After Resque disbanded, Wez joined Carter USM, replacing their drum machine. Guitarist Mark Lyons got his hair cut and formed the power pop trio Chuck, who sadly fizzled out after showing early promise. Bassist Roger apparently joined Airhead.
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