Marcus Palmer - vocals
Matt Neale - guitars
John Malone - guitars
Richard Farnell - bass
Chris Ridley - drums
Sheffield's Suncharms played a brand of indie guitar pop that was sometimes fast and thrashy, but at other times moodily atmospheric; an understanding of the mechanics of light and shade lifted them above the run-of-the-mill indie bands of the time. Apart from the two highly collectable 12" singles on Wilde Club (the tiny label which launched the career of the Catherine Wheel), I'm unaware of any other releases.
The band were still together in 1993, as I recall they were mentioned in an NME article about Radio One's 'Sound City' event, which was hosted by Sheffield that year. Can anybody help with some information?
Update Dec 2002. Drummer Chris Ridley has been in touch with some extra information. The Suncharms had a track called 'Where's Your Mind Gone' on a compilation album called 'Rubberoid', released in January 1991. As they hadn't settled on their eventual name, they used the temporary band name 'Charming Seed'. Their appearance at the Sheffield festival above was the last thing they did. Although there was no official split, the group didn't do anything after that event. Of the original members, bassist Richard Farnell apparently has a band in Manchester. Chris himself is now a teacher in Sheffield and has been known to play the drums with his pupils' bands!
NME 'On' column feature July 1991
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Suncharms EP The Suncharms EP
Time Will Tell
One I See
12" Wilde Club Records (Wilde 6) 1991
Tranquil Day Tranquil Day EP
Tranquil Day
Wash Away
She Feels
Space Ship
12" Wilde Club Records (Wilde 8) 1991
I Might Walk Home Alone
Various - A Wilde Club Records compilation.
Wilde Club Records (Wilde 10CD) 1992

Includes Sparkle and Wash Away.
Magic Carpet [unreleased]
Into The Sun [unreleased]
On Reflection

Recorded 26 April 1992, first broadcast 5 June 1992.
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