Jane From Occupied Europe Jim Harrison - guitar and vocals
Dave Todd - bass
David Ware - guitar, organ and vocals
Colin O'Keefe - lead guitar
Philip Eason - drums

The band came from Salisbury in Wiltshire, and took their name from the title of the Swell Maps second album.

Photo by Andy Brown, taken from the LP sleeve.
I first heard Jane From Occupied Europe one wintry night in early 1990, when Radio One's John Peel played a song called 'Ocean Run Dry'. Deadpan vocals droned over a fuzz of tinny guitars, in a quite splendid fashion. I scribbled down the details and bought it soon afterwards. An even better second single followed, featuring the stand-out track 'Parade'. Then came a quite wonderful album of psychedelic drone rock, reminiscent of some of Spacemen 3's more blissful moments. That seemed to be the end of the story.
Since creating this page, former bassist Dave Todd has been in touch. He confirmed that two singles and one album were pretty much all that JFOE released, apart from a couple of demo tracks that were issued on compilation albums. His history of the band will appear here... sometime.
JFOE also have a page on the Tweenet site.
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