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"We get a lot of people writing from Germany asking if it's some sort of statement or something, but it's just a good name.
"Swell Maps thought up some really great titles and, er... we just ripped it off."
Dave Ware, guitarist with JANE FROM OCCUPIED EUROPE, is not yet sick of explaining where his band found their curious moniker. But he might be soon when people start picking up on this West Country five-piece's whiplash whirlpool of dreamily nostalgic noise and gritty modern edge, as captured on their current 'Oceans Run Dry' single.
Although the Janes began life as a "sprawling Jesus And Mary Chain rip-off", their new beatbox-free incarnation owes less to East Kilbride's cold steel sneer than to the snowstorm swirl of My Bloody Valentine.
"I would say our songs have got a bit more depth than theirs," Dave mumbles modestly. "All we seem to gain is comparisons with other groups... Ride, the Mary Chain, The Telescopes, I've seen all those bands and we tend to go a wee bit further.
"We wouldn't consider ourselves nostalgic people, we just enjoy good music and a lot of the best stuff came from the late '60s and early '70s. But we're not just influenced by that."
And the evidence screams out from projected follow-up single 'Little Valley Town', with wired wall-of-death guitar orbiting a taut trampoline of determinedly danceable drums.
It won't get them on Top Of The Pops (although Dave confesses "we've got a few dance routines worked out already") but it might bore a scorching hole in your record collection.
Stephen Dalton
NME, 3rd March 1990.
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