The Hinnies
Roger Packham - guitar, vocals
Tim Williams - guitar
Charlie Noss - bass
James Mattison - drums
London-based Hinnies were one of the great unappreciated bands of the early Nineties. Their music mixed elements of indie rock (with a probable wink to the Pixies), English psychedelia and controlled noise. Adding vocal harmonies to a fine set of tunes, the band emerged with a fab, frothy, thrashy mix that deserved wider attention. After releasing a couple of crunching singles, the band issued their debut album, 'Dead Four', in 1992. The LP featured some powerful numbers, such as 'I Can Find You', 'Beam Town', the ever-marvellous 'Doodle' and the thrilling rampage of 'Way Cool', alongside quieter moments such as 'Weary Head', the My Bloody Valentine-esque 'Sleeping Song' and the Kinks-esque 'Jesus in the Driving Rain'. A winning mix of great melodies and alternative rock, it should have been snapped up by the discerning public.
Unfortunately, the Hinnies had to face the common problem of being on a small, unfashionable record label that lacked the resources of their bigger rivals, allied with an apathetic music press who sniffily dismissed anything that fell outside the boundaries of their neat compartmentalisation. A couple of singles later, the Hinnies called it a day. Their album is a little-known gem and one with which you should be acquainted.
Where are they now? Oct 2003
Roger is training to be a teacher.
Charlie (Timothy Finke) fronted the band Penthouse for several years, but they split up in 2002. He now works as a builder and lives on a boat (although he still sings occasionally).
Tim is a carpenter in Wales.
James promotes gigs at the Dublin Castle in Camden, the Hope & Anchor in Islington and a few other places.
Big thanks to James Mattison for the photo, press clippings and updates on the ex-Hinnies whereabouts.
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