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Spongey Groove Spongey Groove
Spongey Groove / What Your On
7" (Sunflower Records Sun 001 Nov 1990)
TFFT An EP from The Hinnies TFFT An EP From The Hinnies
Too Fat For Triumph
The Grace
7" ?
12" (Bad Girl Records BGRL 008T 1991)
CD (Bad Girl Records BGRL 008SCD 1991)
Doodle Doodle
Jesus In The Driving Rain (Radio Edit)
With You
Jesus In The Driving Rain
7" ? 12" ?
CD (Bad Girl Records BGRL 012SCD 1992)
Capri Woman Capri Woman
Capri Woman
What You're On (timisleft mix)
Beautiful (air mix)
7" ? 12" ?
CD (Bad Girl Records BGRL 017SCD 1992)
Godless EP Godless EP
Good Day
Shell State Blues
Doodle (live)
7" ? 12" ?
CD (Bad Mother Records BADMO 001SCD 1993)
Dead Four Dead Four
Bad Girl Records BGRL 015LP/CD (1992)

Side A
I Can Find You
16 Song
Shell State Blues
Beam Town
Weary Head
Side B
Capri Woman
Way Cool
Lay Down
Ride The Waves
Sleeping Song
The Same

Gong (CD extra track)
Jesus In The Driving Rain (CD extra track)
Who Covers Who Who Covers Who
Creative Man Records CM 006 (1993)

Includes The Hinnies Baba O'Riley.
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