The Rainkings
Stephen Holt - vocals
David Swift - guitars
Carl Wolstenholme - bass
John Rowland - drums
Manchester's Rainkings featured members who had previously been involved with other well-known groups. Stephen Holt was the original vocalist in the Inspiral Carpets, having joined when the group formed in 1985. Bassist David Swift joined the Inspirals a year later, around the same time as Clint Boon. Both can be heard on the first two singles, the 'Plane Crash EP' (released by Playtime in 1988) and the 'Trainsurfing EP', which was delayed until March 1989 and then released on the band's own Cow label. In addition, the 11 track demo tape 'Dung 4' which was made available commercially also features the duo. Holt and Swift both left the band in 1988. With new recruits Tom Hingley (vocals) and bass player Martyn 'Bungle' Walsh, the group went on to enjoy a degree of success.
John Rowland was previously a member of Eighties indie janglers The Bodines. The Rainkings released two fine singles on the Playtime label in 1989 / 90, before disappearing from view. Although they continued to exist until 1997, undergoing a couple of lineup changes, sadly there were no further releases.
There are some gig photos of the Rainkings, apparently from 1998 here.
John Rowland currently plays in Jackson Sundown. Thanks to him for his assistance.
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