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Sictransitgloriaswanson Sictransitgloriaswanson EP
Sunlight Fades
Count Me In
Break The Strain
Just An Idea
12" Playtime Records (Amuse5T) 1989
Get Ready Get Ready
Get Ready
Move Along The Chain
Too Many Words
7" limited edition one-sided Playtime Records (Amuse8) 1990
12" Playtime Records (Amuse8T) 1990
CD Playtime Records (Amuse8CD) 1990
Home Home
LP Sheer Joy (Sheer 001) 1990

Includes Take.
Movement Movement
Compilation cassette
Issued with Leeds-based ESP fanzine (ESP002) 1993

Includes To The End.

ESP was produced by Paul Ritchie from 1989-1998.
He now writes
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