My Jealous God
Jim Melly - vocals, guitar
Danny Burke - lead guitar
Chris O'Donnell - bass
Andrew Berkley - drums
I have to confess that My Jealous God largely passed me by at the time. I do remember the single 'Pray', and I was vaguely aware of the music press dismissing them as being Southern chancers jumping on the Madchester bandwagon [surely that was Flowered Up? - Ed]. I also saw them play live once, at Blackpool Jenks club, on 29th September 1990, although I can't remember too much about it. But that was about it. Anyway, a few people suggested them to me as a possible addition to the Birdpoo canon, and I am happy to oblige. I didn't know too much about the group when I started my research, but I've since learned a bit about them thanks to some illuminating press clippings I was sent.
As far as I am aware, the group only released three singles - two for Rough Trade and a later one for Fontana. By the time of their Fontana recordings, the group seem to have lost a band member, judging by the contemporary promo photo. I've since learned that an album ('The Idiot's Ball') was recorded for Fontana and slated for release in April 1992. Unfortunately for MJG it was shelved, although not before copies were sent out to be reviewed.
After MJG folded, singer Jim Melly embarked on a career in journalism and went on to edit 'Inside Edge' magazine. He later wrote a book on the Faces ('Last Orders, Please'), published in April 2003. He is currently (2006) a lecturer in pop culture and modern British culture at the London Metropolitan University.
Grateful thanks to Jo Fisher for the press clippings.
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