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Ed Hornsby's Forgotten Band Planet. This site is much like Birdpoo, containing excellent features on many lesser-known bands from the early 90s, including the fabulous Family Cat, Eat, The Telescopes, the Becketts and Midway Still.
Lawrence Mikkelsen's excellent Orange Juice site.
Official Knockouts site, the band that features most of the ex-members of Thrilled Skinny.
Unofficial Boo Radleys site.
The Popguns - Brighton's much-missed late 80s / early 90s girly indie janglers.
And now there's an official Popguns site. Are they making a return from hibernation?
A great Family Cat site.
Official Carter USM website.
An unofficial, but rather good Midway Still site.
A site for Manchester's New Fast Automatic Daffodils.
Creation Records artistes (1992-95) Adorable.
And there's another unofficial Adorable site here.
The official Wedding Present site.
Unofficial site for the late, lamented Kitchens of Distinction.
The Spacemen 3 archives.
A UK site for Spacemen 3.
Official Chameleons site.
The story of The Charlottes here.
Fan site for early 90s band The Heart Throbs here.
A fairly comprehensive Mighty Lemon Drops site.
Another Bodines site is here.
Unofficial Close Lobsters site.
Creation Records. These two unofficial sites contain information on the label's history, releases and the bands they signed.
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