Grateful thanks to the following people for their help:
MY JEALOUS GOD: Jo Fisher for the illuminative press clippings and Danny Malboeuf for the information on the unreleased album.
EDSEL AUCTIONEER: Former EA guitarist Ashley Horner for Peel Session personnel and the promo photos. Also Paul Shroeder for the Lorimer info.
THE HINNIES: Ex-Hinnie James Mattison for the photos, clippings and the 'where are they now?' updates.
JANE FROM OCCUPIED EUROPE: Bassist Dave Todd for his thoughts. Also Marco Rath for the record scan.
KING OF THE SLUMS: Charley Keigher for bringing the story up to date. Also Mooney for helping out with the discography and providing clippings, photos and a sleeve scan.
LUDICROUS LOLLIPOPS: Alan Harris the drummer, for the extra info and the press clippings. Also Flo for the update.
ORANGE JUICE: Lawrence Mikkelsen for providing some of the scans.
THE RAINKINGS: John Rowland for clarifying a few things.
THE SUNCHARMS: Former drummer Chris Ridley for his thoughts.
SWEET JESUS: Roy Priest for his helpful contributions, plus David Gladwin for the discography help and interview transcript.
THRILLED SKINNY: Andy Kingston for filling in some gaps in the story, plus Matthew Kaplan for the discography update.
TIGER: Dan Laidler for the sleeve scan and 'Spikee Dragon' for the discography help.
Thanks to Mark Hale for the loan of items for scans, namely for Thrilled Skinny, King of the Slums, Ludicrous Lollipops, The Bodines and Edsel Auctioneer.
Grateful thanks to Jo Fisher for trawling through her music paper archives and providing numerous scans.
Final thanks... to anyone I've missed.
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