15 December 2012
So where did the time go? Here's something of an explanation. Midway through 2007 British Telecom, who were hosting the site, decided to take away my write permissions for some reason. Maybe they wanted shut of pesky individual users. I did phone them to complain, but the official line was a scratch of the corporate head and a shrug of the shoulders. So I couldn't update these pages without moving to another web hoster. Time flew by and eventually at the end of October 2012, BT pulled the plugs on the site entirely. So I've moved all the files to a new host, rather than let Birdpoo die, and this seems like the ideal opportunity to spruce the place up and bring some of the band stories up to date. That Bob feature I mentioned? It's definitely coming.
31 January 2007
It's been a while... a long while... but at last! An update! The Bodines section now has a Medlark 11 album review that I found in an old issue of 'Vox' magazine. I've also added some promo press photos of the Edsel Auctioneer to their main page. Also check out the Thrilled Skinny page for a link to their official Myspace page. It's been a lengthy hibernation, but there's been a flurry of activity on the BOB front recently, so expect some action there very soon. Further down the pipeline, a feature on the Venus Beads could be forthcoming. Watch this space!
24 February 2005
New information about Slum Cathedral User on the King of the Slums page.
11 August 2004
New sections added for Resque and My Jealous God. There's a new archive interview and photo for King of the Slums. There's a couple of fanzine interviews and a new live review for the Ludicrous Lollipops. The Edsel Auctioneer story has been brought up to date. A press review has been added and there's also an update to their discography. Finally, a small update has been made to the Thrilled Skinny discography.
29 February 2004
New sections added for the Bodines and Edsel Auctioneer. There's three new press interviews, new photos and lots of new reviews for King of the Slums. The Sweet Jesus section now has two new interviews and an updated photo gallery. New press clippings and discography updates have been added for the Suncharms and Ludicrous Lollipops. There's new press clippings for The Hinnies, Orange Juice and Thrilled Skinny as well. Jane From Occupied Europe get a record review plus an early press interview. Finally, there's an overdue page of thanks.
31 October 2003
Brand new section added for the Ludicrous Lollipops. There's a new page for The Hinnies with lots of live reviews and a couple of record reviews too. The Sweet Jesus section now has some new photos, an interview from 1992 and an updated discography. The King of the Slums page contains a news update, and another press review. Finally, a live review of Jane From Occupied Europe has also been added.
3 March 2003
The King of the Slums page finally makes an appearance.
5 December 2002
Brand new sections for created for Thrilled Skinny and The Rainkings. Also updated is the Suncharms page.
17 October 2002
Details of the 'Dada With Juice' video added to the Orange Juice discography and 'Girl From The Petrol Station' added to the Tiger discography. The links page has also been updated.
5 May 2002
Brand new section for Tiger added. The Sweet Jesus discography now has details of the two Groupie singles. A links page has been created, and the home page also benefits from a revamp. Finally, please leave any comments in the new guestbook.
30 March 2002
New information added to the Sweet Jesus and Jane From Occupied Europe pages. There's a brand new introductory page for The Hinnies. Extra sleeve illustrations added to the Orange Juice discography, as well as details of their Radio 1 sessions.
5 January 2002
The first content of the site is unveiled. Pages for Orange Juice, The Hinnies, Jane From Occupied Europe, The Suncharms and Sweet Jesus are added.
June 2001
The front page goes up for public display, optimistically promising that the content will be following shortly...

Over the next couple of months, I retrieve the records from the wardrobe and set to scanning them. Work is conducted at a leisurely pace.
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