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Piece Of Plastic Piece Of Plastic EP
Quicker Than The Blinking Eye
Media Music
(I'm On A) Groovy Strait
Pregnant Pause
12" Hunchback Records (Hunch001) 1987
White Grid White Grid
White Grid
7" flexi Hunchback Records (Hunch002) 1988
So Happy To Be Alive So Happy To Be Alive
So Happy To Be Alive
Clinging To The Shelf
7" Hunchback Records (Hunch003) 1988
Little Piggies And Cows EP Little Piggies And Cows
Biscuits In A Tin
Cracks In Walls
So Enthralling
Wearing Fashion
Work Shy
Slap A Ban!
7" red vinyl, Hunchback Records (Hunch005) 1989
Teenage Dream Teenage Dream
Teenage Dream
Glad To Get Out Of This Town
Didn't Mean That Much To Me
7" Hunchback Records (Hunch006) 1990
Let There Be Shelving Let There Be Shelving EP
Let There Be Shelving
Outside Your Room
Empty Demijar
Plants For Sale
7" Hunchback / Glut Records (Hunch008 / Fridge 005) 1991
Limited edition of 1000 copies. Included lyric sheet.
Not Half An EP Not Half An EP
Airing Cupboard
Off Shopping Trolley
Standing On The Landing
Sounding Off
12" Hunchback Records (Hunch009) 1991
One-sided etched single.
Popstar Prat Popstar Prat
Popstar Prat
White Grid
Let There Be Shelving (demo)
7" Damaged Goods (Damgood 24) 1995
They Said We Wouldn't But We Did They Said We Wouldn't But We Did
Hunchback Records (Hunch004) 1989

Side A
  1. Down To The Fact
  2. Love Sells Cars
  3. Watch It You
  4. Eat My Hat
  5. Media Music Part Two
  6. Common Ground
  7. Neon Sea
  8. Social Climbing
  9. Love Rut
  10. Decreasing Circles
  11. Musik Biz Slime
Side B
  1. Clocks
  2. Clinging To The Shelf
  3. Groovy Strait
  4. Punky Weekend
  5. Carpets And Floorboards
  6. Don't Shave
  7. Jokes On You!
  8. So Enthralling
  9. High Street Conspiracy
  10. Tec Buff
  11. Fat Clarinet
It's A Good Doss It's A Good Doss
Hunchback Records (Hunch007) 1990

Side A
  1. Good Doss
  2. Insecurity
  3. Key To The Attic Door
  4. Blank Stares
Side B
  1. Just Another Teenage Dream
  2. I Love The Sounds Of Reversing Cars
  3. Curable Romantic
  4. Bottom Of The Stairs
Smells A Bit Fishy Smells A Bit Fishy
CD Artlos Records (LOS 003) 1993

  1. Downstairs
  2. Burning At The Sides
  3. Confusion
  4. Medicine Ball
  5. Get Away
  6. Embankment Verse
  7. You Just Don't Know Me
  8. Headache On Monday
  9. Sweetest Kiss
  10. No Appeal
  11. Sweetest Kiss Reprise
  12. Falling Off The Edge
  13. Bag Of Joys
  14. Lets Hide In The Attic
  15. Popstar Prat
  16. Let There Be Shelving
  17. Off Shopping Trolley
  18. Teenage Dream
Whatever Happened To Dorothy Hopkins?
Compilation cassette on Heartache Records (002) 1989

Thrilled Skinny - Clocks (Alt. Mix)
Thrilled Skinny - Pop Star Prat (live)
Fridge 001 Various
7" Glut Records (FRIDGE 001) 1989

4 track EP featuring:
Thrilled Skinny - Pop Star Prat
New Day Rising - You Could Be Dreaming
The Vonn Trapps - Really
The Charlottes - Stubborn
Own Goal Own Goal
LP Goalpost Records (GOAL 1) 1991

Biscuits In The Tin (live)
Common Ground (remix)
Better Things Happen at Sea Better Things Happen at Sea
Off Shopping Trolley
Let's Go Down The Allotment
Whatever The Weather
Ambush The Deckchairs
7" Glut Records (FRIDGE 002) 1990
Official website:
Cannibal Lounge Cannibal Lounge
CD High Town (TOWN 002) 2002

Soul Communicator
El Riñon Picante
Monkey Mantra
Driving Range / The Eyes
Release the Pigs
Ransom Note / How the Others Half Live
Low Five
The Viper
KO Theme
W. Moments
Thanks to Mark Hale for the loan of items for the scans.

Click here for Thrilled Skinny's lineup / instrument roll call.
Thrilled Skinny's records had interesting run out groove messages.

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