Piece Of Plastic EP 12" Hunchback Records (Hunch001) 1987
Side A Tip toe through the punk garden.
Side B Not on compact disc.
So Happy To Be Alive 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch003) 1988
Side A How do you know how an elephant's been in your fridge? You're too young to smoke.
Side B Waiter, waiter, there's a doctor in my soup - you just said it.
They Said We Wouldn't But We Did LP Hunchback Records (Hunch004) 1989
Side A We said they should, but they already had.
Side B Thrilled Skinny say - "I said we could and we still might well do - considering!!!"
Little Piggies and Cows 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch005) 1989
Side A Thanks to Percy Edwards for the birds?
Side B Whatever happened to Golden Nuggets.
Teenage Dream 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch006) 1990
Side A Hunchback Records, home of the hits.
Side B Wa-hey!
It's A Good Doss LP Hunchback Records (Hunch007) 1990
Side A 283 Thrilled Skinny fans can't be wrong.
Side B Have a good doss whatever the weather.
Let There Be Shelving EP 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch008) 1991
Side A If you're looking for something witty - stick it up your coat.
We hate Sean.
Side B Part of the Hunchback-Glut DIY pop explosion.
Sean's not that bad.
Not Half An EP 12" Hunchback Records (Hunch009) 1991
Side A Thrilled Skinny ain't half good.
Side B Porky had a hunch about this record.
Nothing to play on this side.
Popstar Prat 7" Damaged Goods (Damgood 24) 1995
Side A Better head than dead.
Side B

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