Piece Of Plastic EP 12" Hunchback Records (Hunch001) 1987
No details stated.
So Happy To Be Alive 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch003) 1988
No details stated.
They Said We Wouldn't But We Did LP Hunchback Records (Hunch004) 1989
Simon Goalpost Bass, vocals.
Elliot Smoke Drums.
Marshall Stack Guitars, vocals.
Utensil Realname Electric piano.
Little Piggies and Cows 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch005) 1989
Simon Goalpost Bass guitar, shouting, noises.
Sterling Efforts Electric piano, noises.
Earnest Efforts Polite guitar, screeching, noises.
Elliot P. Smoke Drum kit, noises.
Teenage Dream 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch006) 1990
No details stated.
It's A Good Doss LP Hunchback Records (Hunch007) 1990
Simon Goalpost Bass guitaring, voices, tamborine [sic], whistling, recorder, running up the stairs.
Sterling Efforts Diamond 600 organ, Snoopy Elgam electric piano, slow hand-claps, guest vocals, popcorn, stating the obvious.
Elliot P. Smoke Drumming, some shouting, amateur dramatics, violin.
Vic Sinex Guitar, voices, horseplay, cat tickling, taking the biscuit.
Let There Be Shelving EP 7" Hunchback Records (Hunch008) 1991
Simon Goalpost 2 string bass, vocals, guitars on side two, toy saxaphone [sic], tamborine [sic], apple, hunting horn, puppet, recorder.
Vic Sinex Guitars, bass guitar on side two.
Sterling Efforts Diamond 600 organ.
Elliot P. Smoke The drumns [sic], bicycle bell.
Not Half An EP 12" Hunchback Records (Hunch009) 1991
No details stated.
Popstar Prat 7" Damaged Goods (Damgood 24) 1995
No details stated.

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