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Mush EP Mush EP
Mindgames / Firedance / Worlds Away
7" Crazy Ape Bonkers Phonogram
Production Company (CAB 001) 1990
Scrumdiddlyumptious Scrumdiddlyumptious EP
Lies About My Life
Time Spent Hiding
12" Damaged Goods (DAMGOOD 2) March 1992
Includes lyrics sheet insert.
A Part A Part
A Part
12" Damaged Goods (DAMGOOD 6) June 1992
Talk Talk
6" Damaged Goods (DAMGOOD 10) Nov 1992
Thanks to Mark Hale for the loan of items for the scans.

Popaganda 4 (Summer 91)
Fanzine cassette
Issued with Ipswich-based Popganda fanzine (POPA4) 1991

Includes Disinheritance and Crystal Madness.
These are tracks from the pre-'Scrumdiddlyumptious' demo tape.
Disinheritance is a superior version to the one later released on 'A Part' single.
Popaganda 5
Fanzine cassette
Issued with Ipswich-based Popaganda fanzine (POPA5) 1992

Includes S.T.W.P.
It's All Gone Horribly Wrong (1989)
Recorded at Warwick University.
The recording was funded by winning a University talent competition.
Tears and Rain (1989)
Recorded at Red Spot Studios, Leamington Spa.
Big Bad Bucket of Biohazards (1990)
Recorded at Warwick University and live at King's Lynn LAs.

Alan: "The title came from the fact that there was an outbreak of Hepititus at Warwick Uni and Simon caught it."
The band sold lots of copies of this - but I didn't get one!
Thanks to ex-drummer Alan Harris for details of these.

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