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Spider Psychiatry Spider Psychiatry
Spider Psychiatry
The Lodge
Losing Ground
7" SLR Records (SLR 001) 1986
England's Finest Hopes England's Finest Hopes EP
The Pennine Spitter
England's Leading Light
Venerate Me Utterly
Bedevilment's Favourite Son
12" Play Hard Records (Dec 8) Feb 1988
Bombs Away On Harpurhey Bombs Away On Harpurhey
Bombs Away On Harpurhey
Big Girl's Blouse
7" Play Hard Records (Dec 13) Feb 1989
Vicious British Boyfriend EP Vicious British Boyfriend EP
Fanciable Headcase
Leery Bleeder
Hard Core Pornography Star
Bombs Away On Harpurhey
12" Play Hard Records (Dec 14) Feb 1989
Once A Prefect Once A Prefect
Once A Prefect
Venerate Me Utterly
7" limited edition one-sided single (DING 57)
12" Midnight Music Records (DONG 57) Sep 1989
It's Dead Smart It's Dead Smart
It's Dead Smart
Boy's Honour
Ultra Dead Smart (Club Mix)
Schooley (Re-mix)
7" limited edition one-sided single (DING 63)
12" Midnight Music Records (DONG 63) 1990
Bear Wiv Me Bear Wiv Me (Fluorescent Mix)
Bear Wiv Me (Fluorescent Mix)
Keeping It All Sweet
Big Sad Fat Lad
7" limited edition one-sided??
12" Midnight Music Records (DONG 66) 1990
Joy Joy
Joy [Skunkweed]
Don't Comp Yer Vibes
7" ??
12" Cherry Red Records (12 Cherry 114)

Joy (Natural Terrorism Mix)
Don't Comp Yer Vibes
Expelled Prefect
CD single Cherry Red Records 1991 (CD Cherry 114)
Barbarous English Fayre Barbarous English Fayre
Play Hard Records (Dec 022) June 1989
Reissued by Midnight Music Records (CHIME 01.09) 1990

Side A
  1. Simpering Blonde Bombshell
  2. Bombs Away On Harpurhey
  3. England's Leading Light
  4. Mere Slip Of A Lad
  5. The Pennine Spitter
  6. Up To The Fells
Side B
  1. Full Speed Ahead
  2. Venerate Me Utterly
  3. Bedevilment's Favourite Son
  4. Leery Bleeder
  5. Fanciable Headcase
  6. Hard Core Pornography Star
Dandelions Dandelions
Midnight Music Records (CHIME 01.04) Sep 1989

Side A
  1. Schooley
  2. Armed Robbery
  3. Unfit Mother
  4. Violate Nothing But The Best
  5. Up She Rises
  6. Barbarous Superiors
Side B
  1. Idolator
  2. Ardent Swains
  3. Up The Empire / Balls To The Bulldog Breed
  4. Psycho Motorbike Ride
  5. Bear With Me
CD version includes extra tracks:
Once A Prefect
Venerate Me Utterly
Leery Bleeder
Blowzy Weirdos Blowzy Weirdos
Cherry Red Records (BRED 93) 1991

  1. Gone All Weirdo
  2. Smile So Big
  3. Casin' The Joint
  4. Keepin' It All Sweet
  5. Hot Pot Shebeen
  6. Clubland Gangs
  7. Joy (Mk 4, Summer)
  8. Rimo (F. RIMSON)
  9. Mard Arse
  10. Mood On
  11. Blowzy Luv Of Life
  12. Casin' The Joint (Rollin')*
  13. Gone All Weirdo (Reaper Mix)*
  14. Skunkweed Joy*
  15. Smiles (Big Smiles Mix)*
* Extra tracks on CD.
Head Over Ears
Compilation LP Play Hard Records (Dec 007) Oct 1987
King Steptoe & The Strangeways Headcase
Haemophiliacs On Tacks
Released on flexi disc (Deb 9) issued with issue 16 of 'Debris' magazine Dec 1987
Trouble At Mill
Released on flexi disc (RGET 1) issued with 'Get Out' magazine April 1989
Hand To Mouth
Compilation LP Play Hard Records (Dec 019) May 1989
Fanciable Headcase
Ardent Swains.
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Thanks also to Mooney for filling in some of the gaps in my knowledge.

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