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Our New Skin Our New Skin / Strung
Our New Skin / Strung

Double A Side
7" Decoy Records (DYS 6) 1989
Gutted Gutted EP
Unbroken Line
Necessary Disease
Bed, Table, Chair

12" Decoy Records (DYS 11T) 1990
Voice Of The Harolds Voice Of The Harolds
Unbroken Line
Necessary Disease
Our New Skin
Bed, Table, Chair

This CD compiled the first two singles.
CD Decoy Records (DYS 7CD) 1990
Stickleback Stickleback
Stickleback / Colour Of Guilt (demo)

Limited edition of 1700 copies.
7" Decoy Records (DYS 14) 1990
Starfish Starfish
Borderline / Coach Tour (demo)

12" Decoy Records (DYT 25) 1991
Slouch Slouch
Slouch / Egg Neck

7" Decoy Records (DYS 29) 1992
Undertow Undertow
Undertow / Phil's Start

7" Decoy Records (DYS 30) 1992
Simmer Simmer
Decoy Records (DYL28CD) Dec 1992

  1. Undertow
  2. Stomachful
  3. Pop Song #2
  4. Ballad Of Richard Holt
  5. Slouch
  6. Starfish
  7. Ballast
  8. Drone
  9. Dragging My Hide
  10. Monuments
The Good Time Music Of... The Good Time Music Of...
Alias Records (A-078) 1995

  1. Summer Hit
  2. Simple
  3. Philled
  4. Stuntman
  5. What's The Use?
  6. 11th September '94
  7. Hangover
  8. Faces One
  9. Haircut
  10. Country Song
  11. Shortchanged
  12. Just Can't Believe It
Pop Song #2 Pop Song #2
Pop Song #2 / Our New Skin

Australian single.
7" Summershine (shine 027) 1992
Ruta 66
Spanish compilation CD/LP (CAP15) 1991

Includes Lost Interest.
Knowing Where It All Leeds
Compilation CD Stolen Sounds (BLAG 4CD) 1991

Includes Did She Ever Pay?.
Clawfist 7" split single
Edsel Auctioneer - Jimmy Starfish
Breed - Beatslag Day
7" split single Clawfist (CAT ??) March 1992
John Peel 8/2/89 (1st broadcast)
Brickwall Dawn
Between Two Crimes
Place In The Sun
Blind Hurricane
Aidan Winterburn: rhythm guitar, vocals
Ashley Horner: bass, guitar
Chris Cooper: drums
John Peel 14/5/93 (1st broadcast)
State Of Grace
Summer Hit
Aidan Winterburn: rhythm guitar, vocals
Ashley Horner: guitar, vocals
Phil Peller: bass
Tris Williams: drums and percussion
Information taken from Official R1 John Peel sessions page.
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