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9 May 1992

Show dated by live appearance by Abana Ba Nasery.

Errol Linton (2nd session, recorded 16-04-1992 at Maida Vale.
Abana Ba Nasery (live)

[Recording begins from start of the show. Tape L195 side A (43:12)]
Larry Williams: Jockamo (Iko-iko) (Compilation CD: Creole Kings of New Orleans) ACE=CDCHD=393
Ernie Kador: Do baby do (Compilation CD: Creole Kings of New Orleans) ACE=CDCHD=393
John Chibadura & The Tembo Brothers: Munhu Hana Chakanaka (CD: More of the Essential...) CSA=CSACD=5004
Cobra: Sound boy (step a side) (CD: Ex-Clusive) CHARM=CRCD=10
Errol Linton: Love You True (session)
Sheryl Cormier, Blackie Forestier & The Cajun Aces: Sheryl's special (Compilation CD: Kings of Cajun) MUSIC CLUB=MCTC=066
George Jones: Last night I heard you crying in your sleep (CD: George Jones salutes Hank Williams & Bob Wills) LIBERTY=EMS=1169
Neville Brothers: Day to day thing (CD: Family Groove) A&M==397180-2
Rara Machine: Kase chenn Break the chain (CD: Break the chain (Kase chenn)) SHANACHIE==64038
(news at 9:30 edited out)
Tabu Ley Rochereau: Amilo (LP: Afrisa Selection) STERNS==1011

[Recording continues, apparently without a gap. Tape L182 side A (45:39)]
Lee "Scratch" Perry: Don't blame the baldhead (CD: The upsetter and the beat) HEARTBEAT=CD-HB=59
Errol Linton: Love that woman (session)
Pop Staples: Down in Mississippi (CD: Peace to the neighbourhood ) POINT BLANK=VPBCD=8
Daisy: I'm listening (Compilation CD: The spirit of Venice California) Rhythm Safari Records
Alfredo Gutierrez: Cumbia serrana (CD: El palito) TUMI==21
Papa Wemba: Lingo Lingo (CD: Le Voyageur) REALWORLD=CDRW=20
Abana Ba Nasery: Atisa wangu (in session)
Abana Ba Nasery: Esimiti Khusilenje (in session)
Nairobi Matata Jazz: Dada Mwajuma Part 1 (Diploma Music House Records)

[Recording continues, apparently without a gap. Tape L195 side B (15:04)]
(news at 10:30 edited out)
The Lynn Morris Band: I'll pretend it's raining (CD: The bramble and the rose) ROUNDER=CD=0288
Jimmy Reed: Found Love (Single: Found Love) TOP FLIGHT/VEE-JAY=JAR=394
[results of WOMAD competition]
Errol Linton: So many women (session)
Errol Linton: Clash of the cans (session)
Kershaw hands over to the Nursery Boys

[Recording continues, apparently without a gap. L195 side B. Continues into John Peel Show at 11pm]
Abana Ba Nasery: Esiesi Siolle (in session)
Abana Ba Nasery: Abakambi (in session)
Abana Ba Nasery: Sumila Omusiele (in session)
Abana Ba Nasery: Tumeubeba musalaba (in session)
Abana Ba Nasery: Abakhasi bano (in session)
Abana Ba Nasery: Abebi betsingombe (in session)
Abana Ba Nasery: Sowena (in session)

== File ==

AK 5th September 1992 L195a.mp3 (apparently mis-dated)
AK Show 9th May 1992 L182a.mp3
AK Show 9th May 1992 L195b.mp3
1992-05-09 Peel Show L195.mp3

11:00 of Abana Ba Nasery in Peel's show
File created from L195 and L182 of SL Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22.
Track listing supplied by Lorcan.

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