Andy Kershaw Track Listings
30 May 1992

35 minute segment of show to the end of the programme.
Andy is going to the TT Races this week with John Peel.

Richard Thompson (live in the studio)
R Cajun & the Zydeco Brothers
First broadcast of session, recorded 13-03-1992. Missing tracks are 'Jolie Blond' and 'Bosco Stomp'.

[Recording begins just before the 10:30 news. Tape L148 side A.]
Richard Thompson: I Feel So Good (live in the studio)
R Cajun & the Zydeco Brothers: Bon Ton Roulet (session)
(news at 10:30 - edited out)
D Orema: Tobias Arigi (Cassette: Benga Beat) Polydor Nairobi (spelling?)
AK: Richard Thompson was playing along with the Kenyans on that. Is there nothing you can't do on that guitar?
Richard Thompson: Untitled (live in the studio)
(Kershaw gives Thompson the choice of next record: Merle Haggard or Lightnin' Hopkins)
Merle Haggard: Life In Prison
R Cajun & the Zydeco Brothers: Midland One Step (session)
Richard Thompson: The Bloater / Job Of Journeywork (live in the studio)
Richard Thompson: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning (live in the studio)
George Formby: Riding In The TT Races
(handover to John Peel)

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AK Show L148.mp3


File created from L148 of SL Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22.

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