Andy Kershaw Track Listings
2 February 1992

Show dated by tour dates given for Kathryn Tickell Band which are in the next week.
No session on this show. "We don't really have time, because between 10 and 11 we'll have the first of two special programmes recorded for the BBC World Service last summer at the Real World recording week at Peter Gabriel's place and the Womad organisation in Box, Wiltshire. An hour of tip-top records first."


[Recording begins from start of the show. Tape L089 side b.]
Daniel Johnston: My Life Is Starting Over (LP - Artistic Vice) Shimmy Disc
Mzwakhe Mbuli: Pitoli (LP - Resistance Is Defence) Earthworks
Jimmie Rodgers: I'm Free From The Chain Gang Now (LP - Last Sessions 1933) Rounder
Septeto Nacional: Echale Salcita (cassette - Sextetos Cubanos) MTC Tapes
De Wayon: Nyekese (LP - Roots of Rumba Rock: Congo Classics 1953-55) Crammed
Mav Cacharel: Mayi Yamoungwa (LP - Mav Cacharel) Lusafrica

[Tape flip onto L091 side A.]
Kasambwe Brothers Band: Anakwatira Mkazi Wolemera (Cassette - Pamtondo Songs of Malawi Vol 3) Pamtondo PAM003
(news at 9:30 edited out)
Farmer Boys: Oh! How It Hurts (CD - Flash, Crash and Thunder) Bear Family
Kathryn Tickell Band: Nancy's Waltz / 200th Birthday Jig (LP - The Kathryn Tickell Band) Black Crow
Roaring Lion: Hojoe - African War Song (LP - History Of Carnival 1933-1939) Matchbox
David Dunne (?): Alewe (Tape - Malake) Dunne Records
Cutty Ranks: Idle Talking (Various LP - Another One For The Road) Greensleeves
T-Bone Walker: Here In The Dark (CD - The Complete Imperial Recordings 1950 - 1954) EMI America
Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings: Jimi ShamwariYangu (LP - Vimbiso) ZMC
Ithulam Sindo (?): Ntomb Nbulu (?) (Cassette - Ntomb Nbulu) CRS

[Tape flip onto L096 side B.]
'Real World Recording Week' documentary, part one.
Kershaw's introduction.
Unknown artist: ?
Clip montage demonstrating variety of acts.
Chat with Thomas Bruman, MD of WOMAD.
Peter Gabriel: Games Without Frontiers (clip)
Chat with Peter Gabriel.
Peter Gabriel: Biko (clip)
Paul Brennan, Joji Hirota, Guo Yue: Unknown
Chat with the Holmes Brothers.
Holmes Brothers: My Girl Josephine (live)
La Bottine Souriante: untitled live track
Chat with Ayub Ogada, Kenyan harp (nyatiti) player.
Ayub Ogada: unknown live track
Chat with Peter Gabriel.
Remmy Ongala: live tracks
Chat with Amanda Jones, Real World Records label manager.
Juan Canizares: untitled track

[Tape flip onto L091 side B.]
(Real World Recording Week part 1, continues.)
Chat with Amanda Jones, Real World Records label manager.
Rossy: Untitled live piece
Chat with Peter Gabriel.
Mari Boine Persen: Song To The Sami
(end of documentary)

== File ==

1992-02-02 Andy Kershaw.mp3


Complete show, minus seconds lost in tape flips and editing out news.
File created from L089, L091 and L096 of SL Tapes, digitised by Dr Mango.

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