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26 January 1992

43 minute segment of show - start and end of show missing.

Three Mustaphas Three. First broadcast of their first session, recorded 03-10-1991. Only first and last tracks present on this recording.

[Recording begins middle of the show, possibly 9:30 news. Tape L157 side A.]
T-Bone Walker: I miss you baby (Compilation 2xCD: The Complete Imperial Recordings: 1950-1954) EMI USA=CDP=7-9737-2
(back-announced but not taped)
Willy Nelson: Detour (CD: The Hungry Years) Sony Special Products
Grupo Chicontepec: El tilingo lindo (CD: Mexican Landscapes Jarachos and Huastecos Songs Vol.2) PLAYASOUND=SUN=065902
Kathumba y Thylo Jazz: Abala Wangau (Cassette: Acoustic and Electric Dance Hits from Malawi Vol 3 The Land of the Lake) PAMTONDO=PAM=003
Three Mustaphas Three: Selma (in session, 2nd track, places this 26-1-92)
Apache Indian: Don Raja (single) Sure Delight
Bally Sagoo: Mera laung gawacha (LP: Star Crazy) ORIENTAL STAR=SRLP=5127
Claude Ndam: Anna (Cassette: U ngoa ya) EMI
Champion Jack Dupree: Dennis Rag (LP: Natural & Soulful Blues) LONDON=SAH-K=6151
Kippie Moeketsi & The Jazz Dazzlers: Hamba 2 (Compilation: Township Swing Jazz Vol.1) CELLULOID==668932-2
(Announced as Vol.2)
(recording ends)

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AK Show L157a.mp3


File created from L157 of SL Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22.
Track listing supplied by Lorcan.

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