Andy Kershaw Track Listings
23 February 1992

Complete show, minus tape flips.
Johnnie Johnson is the former pianist for Chuck Berry.

Johnnie Johnson.
First broadcast of session, recorded 12-12-1991.

[Recording begins from start of the show. Tape L159 side A.]
Cobra: Be Patient (CD - Gold) Charm
Prince Eyango: Les Problèmes (LP - Les Problèmes) Toure Jim's Records
Johnnie Johnson: Tanqueray (session)
Little Village: Fool Who Knows (CD - Little Village) Reprise
Kip Anderson: Letter From My Darling (7") Excello
Mzwakhe Mbuli: Joyina (CD - Resistance Is Defence) Earthworks
(news at 11:30 - edited out)
Phil, John & Pip Murphy: The King Of Clans / Castlekelly (CD - The Trip To Cullenstown) Claddagh
Unknown: Lights On The Hill * (see note below) [mp3]
Otis Redding: There Goes My Baby (CD - It's Not Just Sentimental (The Unheard Otis)) Stax
[Tape flip to L198 side A.]
Pepe Kalle: Gerant (CD - Larger Than Life) Stern's Africa
Johnnie Johnson: Creek Mud (session)
Chuck Berry: Back In The USA
AK: I think you knew I was going to do that at some point tonight didn't you? Predictable twerp that I am.
Gus Cannon & His Jug Stompers: The Hollywood Rag (CD - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order) Document
Kathumba & Thylo Jazz: Mabvuto Simaliro Okha (Cassette: Acoustic and Electric Dance Hits from Malawi Vol 2 The Land of Rhythm) Pamtondo
(Kershaw mentions that in the news this week, the body of Haile Selassie has been located in the grounds of his former palace in Addis Ababa.)
Augustus Pablo: Burial Dub (CD - Pablo Meets Mr Bassie) Shanachie
Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus: New Name (CD - Rally Round) Shanachie
Abu Araki Al Bakheit: Unknown title (Cassette - Nuha Al Nua) (spelling?)
[Tape flip onto L159 side B.]
Johnnie Johnson: Kansas City (session)
Buster Benton: Sweet 94 (LP - Bluesbuster) Red Lightnin'
R. Cajun & The Zydeco Brothers: Jean Le Serpent (CD - Don't Leave The Floor) Bearcat
(news at 10:30 - edited out)
Ifluam Sindo (?): Ntomb Nkula (?) (Cassette - Ntomb Nkula) CRS
Rara Machine: Woule (CD - Break The Chain) Shanachie
(Anecdote about attending an open air gig in Port-au-Prince in Haiti, watched over by gun-toting police.)
Miracle Legion: Out To Play (LP - Drenched) Morgan Creek Records
Johnnie Johnson: Blues no. 572 (session)
Little Village: Do You Want My Job (CD - Little Village) Reprise
Joseph Spence: I Bid You Goodnight (CD - Good Morning Mr Walker) Arhoolie
End of show.

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1992-02-23 Andy Kershaw.mp3


File created from L159 and L198a of SL Tapes.
L159 digitised by Weatherman22 and L198a by Dr Mango.

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* Track details of the three song segue coming out of the 9:30 pm news are lost in the tape flip, bar the Otis Redding one. Thanks to the internet, I can confirm that the unknown track is a country cover of the Slim Dusty song, with banjo backing. At the start of the show, Kershaw lists many of the artists he will be playing in the programme. Among them is country star Garth Brooks, who does not appear elsewhere. So it's logical to deduce that this is the performer of the song. Strangely though, an internet search draws a complete blank for him ever releasing a song with this title.
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