Andy Kershaw Track Listings
1 March 1992

Show dated by the fact that side B of the tape captures the handover to Peel and the start of the latter's show.

Gabby and Grynner (rpt). First broadcast 21 April 1991. 'Chicken and Ram' not on recording.

[Recording begins from start of the show. Tape L085 side A.]
David Byrne: The Cowboy Mambo (Hey Lookit Me Now) (LP - Uh-Oh) Luaka Bop
Abana Ba Nasery: Esiessi Siolle (LP - Nursery Boys Go Ahead) Globestyle
Gabby and Grynner: (We Want) More Grynner (session)
Definition of Sound: Moira Jane's Cafe (E-Smoove's Groovy 7" Edit) (single) Circa
AK: Among the other treats between now and 11 o'clock, the new LP by Diblo Dibala, Zaire's hottest guitarist. Link Davis, Cocoa Tea, Richard Thompson, Ry Cooder, Tablay Rochero, Ali Hassan Kuban from Egypt, Washington Philips, Roy Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Neil Young, the first killer segue to be selected by you the listener, the Dub Syndicate and err, that's it.
Dub Syndicate: Wadada (Means Love) (LP - Stoned Immaculate) On-U Sound
Ali Hassan Kuban: Yoyo Kilili, Annissa Kilili (LP - Walk Like A Nubian) Piranha
(news at 9:30. edited out)
Link Davis: Slipping And Sliding Sometimes (LP - Rockabilly Shakeout) Ace
Roy Brown: Brand New Baby (LP - VA - Regal Records: Live In New Orleans) Ace

[Side B of tape L085 resumes with the last half hour of the show.]
Gabby and Grynner: Get Out of de way (session)
Cocoa Tea: Riker's Island (Comp. LP - Me Gone Buck Wild: Reggae Dance Hall Killers)
(news at 10:30. edited out)
Luther Magby: Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit (LP - Storefront and Street Corner Gospel 1927 - 1929) Document (back announced but not on recording)
Jerry Lee Lewis: She Sang Amazing Grace (LP - Pretty Much Country) Ace
Miracle Legion: Sooner (LP - Drenched) Polydor
Richard Thompson: Waltzing's For Dreamers (LP - Amnesia) Capitol
Gabby and Grynner: Easy Come Easy Go (session)
AK: The last one tonight: What Zairian music sounded like in the mid-1950s. Terrific!
Kitenge: Odjali Na Mouchoir? (LP - Roots of Rumba Rock: Congo Classics 1953-55) Crammed
End of show with handover to Peel.

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Files created from L085 of SL Tapes, digitised by Dr Mango.

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