Andy Kershaw Track Listings
19 September 1992

The recording is missing the opening 13 or so minutes of the programme.

Sheila Chandra. First broadcast of session recorded 30-07-1992.

[Tape L168 side A. Recording starts with first session tracks from Sheila Chandra.]
Sheila Chandra: Speaking In Tongues (session)
Sheila Chandra: Mecca (session)
Richard Thompson: Banish Misfortune (CD - Strict Tempo) Topic
Ivor Cutler: Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2, Episode 7 (CD - Velvet Donkey) Virgin
Gypsy: Wine Louisa (Wine) (CD - Natural High) Hot Vinyl
(news at 9:30 - edited out)
Elmore James: Bobby's Rock (CD - The Sky Is Crying: Charly Blues Masterworks Vol 12) Charly
Benny Moré: Maracaibo Oriental (CD - Mambo Numero Uno) Discos Habanos
Coupé Cloué: Deux Pigeon (CD - 25ème Anniversaire)
(end of tape)
[Tape flip to L253 side A.]
Sheila Chandra: Dhyana And Donalogue (session)
Terry Allen: The Juarez Device (CD - Juarez) Topic Special Delivery
Las Rancheritas: Adios Angelita Rivas (Compilation CD - Tejano Roots: The Women) Arhoolie
Samba Mapangala & Orchestre Virunga: Malako (CD - Virunga Volcano) Earthworks
Michael Rose: Visit Them (Compilation CD - Massive 5) FFRR
(tape edit to omit a trailer)
Esnard Boisdur: Boulves (CD) Polydisc
Sheila Chandra: Lament Of McCrimmon / Song Of The Banshee (session)
(end of tape)
[Tape flip to L168 side B.]
Roberto Mondragón: Mi Carrito Paseado (Compilation CD - Music Of New Mexico: Hispanic Traditions) Smithsonian Folkways
Antonio Apodoca and Phil Esquibel: Polka Revolcada (Compilation CD - Music Of New Mexico: Hispanic Traditions) Smithsonian Folkways
Terry Allen: Dogwood (CD - Juarez) Topic Special Delivery
Baaba Maal: Yela (CD - Lam Toro) Mango
(news at 10:30 - edited out)
Slim Harpo: Buzz Me Babe (CD - The Best Of) Ace
Otis Mbuta & Matchatcha: Oliva (CD - Otis Mbuta Et Matchatcha) Afric
T-Bone Burnett: Primitives (CD - The Criminal Under My Own Hat) Columbia
Sheila Chandra: Kafi Noir (session)
John Delafose & The Eunice Playboys: Mon Coeur Fait Mal (CD - Pere Et Garcons Zydeco) Rounder
AK: I heard John mention on his programme the other night the name of Ranking Trevor, an old favourite from the past. And that prompted me to go to my reggae records and dig something out by him, because he's not made a new record as far as I know in years. And as a schoolboy listener to the John Peel wingding, I used to look forward to the records of Ranking Trevor, mainly because he had such a daft name. I thought, fancy deciding to title yourself 'Ranking' and then not change the 'Trevor' bit.
Ranking Trevor: Sit Down And Reason / Tribute To The King
Handover to Peel: It's 11 o'clock. Here's Ranking Ravenscroft.

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File created from L168 and L253a of SL Tapes. L168 digitised by Weatherman22.
L253a digitised by Dr Mango.

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