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16 February 1992

48 minutes containing three segments of show - start and end of show missing.
Dated by Heera in session and mention of Peel session guests.

Heera (2nd session, 1st broadcast, recorded 28-11-1991). Only 2 tracks present on this recording.

[Recording begins about 5 minutes into show. Tape L155. (47:49)]
(announces in tonight's programme: R Cajun & the Zydeco Brothers, A tribe called quest, Roxy Gordon, Gus Cannon & his jug-stompers, Billy Bragg, Cheb Khaled, Wicker Spigot, The Juwata Zazz Band And Orchestre Makise Originale, Prince Far I, Chris Wood & Andy Cutting, Efamba, Jimmy Yancey, Dick Gaughan, Daniel P Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, John Cale, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Master Mwana Congo)
Otis Reading: Remember me (CD: It's Not Just Sentimental) ACE=SXD=041
Chris Wood & Andy Cutting: Reels à Philippe Bruneau (Cassette: Chris Wood & Andy Cutting) RUF==01
Heera: Boliya (session)
The Juwata Jazz band: Tupa tupa (Compilation CD: Tanzania Dance Bands 2) MONSUN=MSCD=9.01117
Jimmy Yancey: 35th and Dearborn (CD: Complete recorded works Vol.2 1940-1943) DOCUMENT RECORDS=DOCD=5042
(break at 24:52 - maybe 9:30 news?)
R Cajun & The Zydeco Brothers: Madame Bosso (CD: Don't leave the floor) BEARCAT=BCAT=02
Prince Far I: King of kings (Compilation CD: Black man land) VIRGIN/FRONTLINE=CDFL=9005
(break at 34:11 of unknown duration)
Coupé Cloué: Klerin Douse (LP: Full Tank) AP RECORDS=AP=104
(Peel tonight at 11 has Cranberies, Even As We Speak. AK next week Johnny Johnson. Confirms this is 16-02-92)
Heera: Mahiya (session - last track)
Dick Gaughan: 6/8 marches: Alan McPherson of Moss Park/The Jig Of Slurs (Compilation CD: Gaughan) TOPIC=TSCD=384
(break at 47:49 - tape continues with AK 08-03-1992

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File created from L155 of SL Tapes, digitised by Weatherman22.
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