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14 March 1992

74 minutes of the 2 hour show, prematurely joined together into one file but missing start of show and middle section.
This is Kershaw's first Saturday show (9 - 11pm) having moved from the same time slot on a Sunday evening.
Dated by Kershaw mentioning Peel's session guests of Spiritualised and Leatherface.
Kershaw mentions the "rock 'n' roll banger racing extravaganza" that he and Peel have volunteered to take part in the following evening, Sunday 15th March, at Wimbledon. He later points out that the advert for the event places him and Peel at the bottom on the bill, beneath early Seventies chart band Mungo Jerry.
On Wednesday of this week Kerhsaw had been knocked off his bike by a car driver, but wasn't hurt.

BB King. Repeat of session recorded 09-Mar-1989 and first broadcast 30-Mar-1989 (Kershaw claims it was recorded in September 1989). Missing session track 'The Thrill Is Gone'.

[Tape L069 side A. Recording comes from the hour between the 9:30 and 10:30 news.]
Blama Guitar: Jomberna Yarabile (white label cassette)
Carter Family: You Are My Flower (LP - A Collection Of Favorites) Stetson
Michelle Shocked: Contest Coming (Cripple Creek) (LP - Arkansas Traveler)
The Band: Up On Cripple Creek (LP - The Band)
AK: You'll excuse me for these first couple of programmes on a Saturday I hope, if I don't really seem myself because it is going to take a couple of weeks to settle in... Me and John have also swapped over studios and I'm not in a studio that I'm accustomed to. All the controls and all the instruments and things, things like the CD players, are all on the other side. I've discovered since 9 o'clock it's a bit like waking up in the morning and discovering that you've become left-handed overnight.
BB King: Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (session) (note - announced as second session track)
BB King: Go On (session)
Lee Perry: Perry's Mood (LP - Excaliburman) Seven Leaves Records
The Holmes Brothers: All Night All Day (LP - Jubilation) Real World Records
PM Dawn: If I Wuz U (LP - Of The Heart, Of The Soul etc) Gee Street
Tabu Ley Rochereau: Loyenghe (LP - Loyenghe)

[Tape flip at 45:01 onto L069 side B, resuming with the last 30 minutes of the show.]
Roy Rogers: Cowboy Night Herd Song (Comp. LP - Yodelling Crazy) EMI
BB King: Ain't Nobody's Business (session)
BB King: When It All Comes Down (session)
AK: I missed what was officially my first day at Leeds University in 1978 to go and see BB King at Manchester Free Trade Hall. Set the tone for the next three years really.
Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings: South Africa (LP - Vimbiso)
Plug for Radio 3's 'Mixing It'.
They Might Be Giants: She's Actual Size (LP - Apollo 18) Elektra
Lightnin' Hopkins: Jake Head Boogie (CD - 60 Great Blues Recordings) Cascade
Brian Henderson: What Is A Square? (LP - Antipodean Atrocities) ABC
(Kershaw mistakenly takes off the record that's currently playing instead of the one that's just ended. Peel in the background offers his help!)
Beryl Marriott: Cam Ye By Athol? / The Laird O' Drumblair (LP - Weave The Mirror) Woodworm Records
End of show: Handover to Peel - AK What do you think are our chances of beating Mungo Jerry tomorrow night?

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AK Show 1992-03-14 L069.mp3


File created from L069 of SL Tapes, digitised by ML.
Track listing supplied by Mark.

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