Andy Kershaw Track Listings
5 January 1992

Complete show, minus tape flips.
Show contains a few stories from the recording trip Kershaw made to Equatorial Guinea with Paul Lashmar.

Desmali y su Grupo Dambo de la Costa.
Bezilio des Malabo (?).
Field recordings from Equatorial Guinea made in December 1991.

[Recording begins from start of the show. Tape L202 side A.]
Warren Zevon: Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead (CD - Mr. Bad Example) Giant
Apache Indian: Don Raja (single) Sure Delight
Desmali y su Grupo Dambo de la Costa: Lament For Our Village (session)
Big Bill Broonzy: Glory Of Love (CD - Sings Folk Songs) Smithsonian Folkways
Willy Nelson: Yesterday's Wine (CD - The IRS Tapes) Sony Music Special Issue
Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Mangosuthu (LP - Induku Zethu Earthworks
Lucky Dube: Group Areas Act (CD - House Of Exile) Celluloid
(news at 9:30 - edited out
Phil, John & Pip Murphy: The Flogging Reel / Kathy Jones / The Honeymoon (CD - The Trip To Cullenstown) Claddagh
Doctor Ross: I Want All My Friends To Know (CD - I Want All My Friends To Know) JSP
Bezilio des Malabo: We Want To Fly High Like The Eagle (session)
Women's Choir of Sofia: Rodino (CD - Great Voices Of Bulgaria) Auvidis
[Tape flip onto L203 side A.]
Jerry Lee Lewis: Louisiana Man
King Daddy Yod: Professionnel Ou Amateur (CD - King Daddy Yod) Bakchich Records
Desmali y su Grupo Dambo de la Costa: The Illness (session)
The Farmer Boys: Charming Betsy (CD - Flash, Crash And Thunder) Bear Family
Willy Nelson: Til I Gain Control Again (CD - The Hungry Years) Sony Special Products
Swamp Dogg: Sam Stone (CD - Cuffed, Collared & Tagged) Edsel
Sam Cooke With The Soul Stirrers: He'll Make A Way (CD - Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers) Ace
Pinchers: See Mi Ya (Compilation CD - Tun It Over!) Mango
E.T. Mensah: Ghana-Guinea-Mali (CD - Day By Day) Retroafric
Bezilio des Malabo: We Dance With The Bells (session)
Desmali y su Grupo Dambo de la Costa: My Mother (session)
[Tape flip onto L202 side B.]
(news at 10:30 - edited out)
John Chibadura & Tembo Brothers: Amai va Rumbidzai (LP - 5000 Dollars) ZMC
Phil Ochs: Hazard, Kentucky (LP - The Broadside Tapes 1) Smithsonian Folkways
Jim Ford: Harlan County (Compilation LP - Great Moments Of Vinyl History) Special Delivery
Luiz Gonzaga: O Fole Roncou (Compilation LP - Brazil Classics 3) Luaka Bop
Talking Heads: Sax And Violins (LP - Until The End Of The World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)) Warners Bros
Desmali y su Grupo Dambo de la Costa: Antonio (session)
End of show with handover to Peel.

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