Andy Kershaw Track Listings
2 May 1992

Complete recording.
The Johnny Shines track is played in tribute to the bluesman, who died on April 20th 1992.
There is a competition in the show to win two pairs of tickets to the WOMAD festival in Morecambe at the end of May. The answer to the rather taxing question is 'Morecambe'. Peel has to interject to correct the Radio 1 postcode that Andy has given out incorrectly.

Remmy Ongala ("and the Super Matimila Band"). First broadcast of second Kershaw session recorded 05-04-1992.

[Recording begins from start of the show. Tape L212 side A.]
Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy: California Uber Alles (LP - Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury) 4th and Broadway
Nando Boom: El Desorden (Variosu CD - Dancehall Reggaespanyol) Columbia
Remmy Ongala: Dunia (session)
Johnny Shines: Sittin' On Top Of The World (LP - Sittin' On Top Of The World) Biograph
Balfa Brothers: Two Step A Hadley (LP - Swallow Louisiana Cajun Special Vol 2) Ace
Tarika Rokota Frah: The Rokota Frah Two-Step (CD - A World Out Of Time) Shanachie
Bavon Marie Marie: Bilamba! M'Bongo Ya Mani? (LP - L'Intrépide Bavon Marie Marie) African
(news at 9:30 - edited out)
Jerry Jaye: I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (back announced, not on recording)
Jerry Jaye: Standing Room Only (CD - My Girl Josephine) Hi
Lucky Dube: Slave
AK: A record that was coming out of every radio in Zimbabwe the first time I went in early 1988.
[Tape flip onto L204 side A.]
Franciso Ulloa: La Tijera (LP - Merengue!) Globe Style
Ali Hassan Kuban: Yoyo Kilili, Annissa Kilili (LP - Walk Like A Nubian) Piranha
(tape edit when about to give concert dates)
Remmy Ongala: Bwana Mdogo (session)
WOMAD ticket competition, includes amusing anecdote of "chaotic competitions in the past", notably the BB King video competition.
AK: I've been out buying dub reggae records this week, sensing lazy summer afternoons are just around the corner, and I found this oddity: an old 45, the b-side of an old 45, dub featuring a fiddle.
Dub track - title not announced
Roy "Happy" Easter with Preston Love: If You Ever Get Lonesome (Various LP - Dig These Blues) Ace
[Tape flip onto L147 side B.]
Ethio Stars: Eshet Eshet (LP - Amharic Hits and Experimental Traditions From Ethiopia) Piranha
The Ethiopians: Train To Skaville
Remmy Ongala: Nisemenini (session)
(tape edit for 10:30 news)
Esnard Boisdur: Pidemi (CD) Polydisc
Kalambia Brothers And Sisters: Um Be Nuke (12") Zenzoa (spelling?)
Marty Brown: High & Dry (LP - High & Dry) MCA
Sylvestre Randafison: Izahay Sy I Malala (CD - A World Out Of Time) Shanachie
Vin Garbutt: The Blanchland Races (CD - The Bypass Syndrome)
[Tape flip to L204 side B.]
Remmy Ongala: Narudi Nyumbani (session)
End of show with handover to Peel.

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File created from L147, L204 and L212 of SL Tapes.
L147 digitised by Weatherman22, L204 and L212 by Dr Mango.

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