The Edsel Auctioneer
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Melody Maker 23/30 December 1989

Somehow Leeds spawns the passions of sonic folk and these four, with their sideways smiles to each other, obviously can't wait to explain. It proves to be an innocent rock fury which must start all the way up from the gentle tap tap of their feet, for it's already at boiling point from the very first strum of their guitars.

Their drummer also plays for The Pale Saints, while Ashley, on lead guitar, was last seen playing live for them, in the very same Buffalo Tom tee-shirt, which is where the similarities really lie. Tall, dark and lanky, their singer and rhythm guitarist cocks his head and hacks at his strings, while at his side stomps a spread-legged and fidgity bass player. His lines don't quake with monster echoes, but the tunes he plucks as he struts are meant viciously.

They've very fond of pointing their guitars at the wall like a firing squad, but Chris never flinches. These melodies ride, then suddenly break out, so three skinny bottoms furiously shudder while this heavy rock trio get heavier for the heights of "Our New Skin". It's a sweet sound chaos which they can't make loud enough, stirred in by a relentless enthusiasm and the continuous circle between Ashley's amp and his now happy guitar. It's all about self truths and the enjoyment of them. British optimism: an off-beat trail for a welcome emotional wipe out.

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